The SSO is UPLB’s first responders during emergencies, ensuring safety and security on campus 24/7.


SSO envisions to be a model Police Force in an academic community.


To preserve peace and order, prevent the commission of crime, protect life and property, and arrest all violators of laws and ordinances.

Major Programs / Activities


History of SSO

SSO started out  as the University Police Force (UPF) that was created during the 916th meeting of the Board of Regents on July 26, 1979 under the supervision of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration. However, during the 1113th meeting of the Board of Regents held on October 23, 1997, the supervision of the University Police Force was transferred to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs. On 1 March 2022, UPF was expanded to SSO to strengthen its provision of security and safety services in the campus.

The SSO is assisted by roving Junior Security Aide (JSA) personnel and private security agencies.