Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs

Building Strong Community Relationships

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs (OVCCA) is one of the executive offices of the UPLB central administration that is tasked to create an enabling environment for creativity and innovation among the University’s constituents.

It oversees four university administrative offices, namely the University Police Force (UPF), University Health Service (UHS), UPLB Housing Office (UHO), Business Affairs Office (BAO), and one university committee, which is the Occupational Health and Safety Standards Committee (OHSSC)

It is also in charge of building and nurturing good relations among UPLB’s internal and external communities and maintaining strong community networks among partner institutions, the Los Baños community and local government, and communities in the CALABARZON region.


The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs (OVCCA) is envisioned to be a model in the effective and efficient management of quality services that are responsive to the needs of the UPLB community/constituencies, and as a leader in the sustainable development and conservation of the University’s endowed natural resources.


As a model of quality service management and a leader in sustainable natural resource management, the OVCCA seeks to be visible, dependable, transparent, credible and enterprising.

Strategic Goal

For UPLB to be a safe, secure, clean, green, healthy, livable, and sustainable campus.

To fulfill its mandate, the OVCCA supervises the following UPLB units:

  • University Health Service
  • UPLB Housing Office
  • University Police Force
  • Business Affairs Office

It also supervises the following committees:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Standards Committee (OHSSC)
  • Joint Management Committees (JMC) for UPLB's land leases
  • Public Information Committee

Major Programs / Services

  • Transform the OVCCA into an effective nerve and coordination center of all operations for all its units
  • Strengthen security system in the University by transforming the University Police Force into a professional security force through structural change or systems improvement
  • Realize the income generation potential of UPLB’s endowed resources and sustainable development, and conservation programs
  • Provide more housing opportunities for UPLB students and staff through sound policies and comprehensive housing programs
  • Enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of the University Health Service to deliver quality health services to the University's constituents
  • Build and nurture good town-and-gown relations through strong community networks