UHO Services

This page outlines the different services offered by the UPLB Housing Office (UHO). For more comprehensive details about its services, please visit its official website at uho.uplb.edu.ph.

UPLB currently has 11 dormitories available for both undergraduate and graduate students. These dormitories are as follows:

1. Men’s Residence Hall (MRH)
2. Women’s Residence Hall
3. New Dormitory (ND)
4. VetMed Residence Hall
5. New Forestry Residence Hall (New FOREHA)
6. Makiling Residence Hall (MAREHA)
7. Forestry Residence Hall (FOREHA)
8. ACCI Residence Hall (Upper)
9. ACCI Residence Hall (Lower)
10. ATI-NTC Residence Hall
11. International Housing (IH)

UPLB, through the UHO, provides housing units to faculty, staff, and staff of allied institutions. Interested parties may apply at the UHS. Their application will be assessed based on certain qualifications and criteria that have corresponding points. Priority will be given to applicants who garner high points.

The UHO can choose from four types of units:

1. Apartment
2. Bungalow
3. Duplex
4. Two-storey

To learn more about UPLB staff housing, please download Executive Order No. 1, Series of 2008 or the 2008 UPLB Housing Policies, Rules, and Regulations as well the amendments done to the Executive Order in 2013.

The UHO, together with College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) and the Municipality of Los Banos, also ensures that pet-owning households (both staff houses and privately-owned houses on campus) take care of their pets responsibly so that they will not cause harm to the members of the UPLB community.

The CVM offers pet vaccination services through the Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH) of CVM. For queries, please contact the VTH-CVM at 536-0863.

Downloadable files:

  1. UPLB Responsible Pet Ownership Brochure
  2. UPLB Memorandum on Responsible Pet Ownership
  3. Los Banos Municipal Ordinance on Responsible Pet Owernship
  4. Republic Act No. 9482 (Anti-Rabies Act of 2007)