UPF-OVCCA lectures on UPLB traffic rules to PUJ drivers

The University Police Force (UPF) of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs (OVCCA) conducted a seminar on UPLB traffic rules and regulations among PUJ drivers on 28 June 2015 at the UPF Headquarters.

A total of 72 PUJ drivers, composed of new and renewing applicants of the PUJ Driver’s ID, participated in the seminar. Applicants are required to attend the seminar as part of the application process.

SOII Reigel Allan L. Sorra, Chief of the Investigation Section of the UPF, served as the resource person of the seminar.

He pointed out that traffic policies at UPLB, such as loading and unloading only within the designated areas on campus, are strictly enforced to ensure the safety of constituents.

He also explained that the PUJ Driver’s ID is not only issued for security reasons, but it also ensures that driver is following UPLB traffic policies.

“May apat na bilog sa ID niyo na binubutasan ng mga depuitized LTO enforcers na UPF na makakahuli sa inyo kapag lumalabag kayo sa mga policies ng UPLB,” he said. (There are four circles in your IDs through which LTO-deputized police officers will punch holes if they catch you violating UPLB policies).

He explained further that they will not be allowed to drive inside the UPLB campus anymore if all four circles have already been punched unless they apply for a Blue PUJ Driver’s ID. The said ID only has two circles.

The new ID system and seminar have cut down the number of ‘colorum’ PUJs plying the campus, hence ensuring safety of UPLB constituents from undocumented drivers as well as from pollution.

Written By:

Miguel Victor T. Durian

With Reports By:

SOI Michelle G. Maghirang

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