BAO holds ‘emergency lift-and-carry’ training for University Hostel staff

The Business Affairs Office (BAO), in coordination with the Occupational Health and Safety Standards Committee and the Bureau of Fire Protection of Los Baños (BFP-LB), held on 4 April 2018 an in-house training on the proper lifting and carrying of individuals during times of emergency. The training was intended for the frontline staff of the University’s hostel, the Obdulia F. Sison Hall (OFSH), on 4 April 2018.

According to BAO Director Cesar B. Quicoy, who represented Vice Chancellor Serlie Barroga-Jamias, the training was part of the  personnel development of the office for OFSH frontline staff so they can assist clients staying at the hostel when there would be unexpected disasters, such as earthquakes.

Members of the University Police Force (UPF) and Community Support Brigade (CSB) were also invited to join the training.

Resource persons from the BFP-LB, namely: FO3 Eraño Bago and FO1 Ferrencel Dragon, discussed and demonstrated the proper handling of emergency situations within the workplace, covering both traumatic (e.g., motorcycle accidents, bone fractures) and non-traumatic (e.g., loss of consciousness, non-responsiveness in a dangerous situation) accidents. They also tackled the legalities involving emergency situations.

Meanwhile, the University Housing Office (UHO) and the University Health Service (UHS), which are under the OVCCA, will be conducting their own in-house training on ’emergency lift-and-carry’. (Written by: Mariz Diagan, OVCCA intern, with reports from Dr. Michael S. Sanchez)


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